what's in the little green bottle...Magic organic detergent

many of you have asked me what's in the little green bottle that we spray the mats with???.... well here's the not really magic formula:

in a spray bottle, mix:
1/10 organic gentle cleaning detergent (savon de marseille would work too but it gets too foamy and slippery for the mats. depends really on how concentrated the detergent is.
approx. 5-7 drops lemon essential oil
approx. 5-7 drops eucalyptus citronelle essential oil
approx. 5-7 drops tea tree oil
all of the above oils have desinfectant properties.
you can also add a couple squirts of 90c alcool and fill up the bottle with clean water et voila!!!! use with a microfibre cloth for optimal results.

I use this on the mats as you know but i also use it as my universal household cleaner with little bottles hidden in the different bathrooms and kitchen. it's eco friendly and skin friendly. i just increase the amount of detergent for the house cleaning.


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